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Louisville Mega Cavern

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Travel | 0 comments

The city of Louisville is home to a great number of natural and man-made attractions that make visiting the city a worthwhile trip. For nature lovers, Louisville is home to the Louisville Zoo, which has as much as 1,300 species of animals spread out in their natural habitat. The city is also aiming for the title “City of Parks”, hundreds of parks, forests, and nature preserves manages either by the Louisville Metro Parks or by independent management. These, and many other attractions, help the city visitors enjoy the metropolis while still giving them the feeling of being close to nature. For the nature lovers who wish to get more of their nature experience, going to the Louisville Mega Cavern would give them their adrenaline fix.

The Mega Cavern is what remained of a former limestone mine that was eventually ceased on 1970s after it was exhausted of its mineable limestone. With the size of roughly 370,000 m², it stretches to a number of Louisville structures such as the Louisville Zoo and Watterson Expressway. It is considered as the largest building in the state of Kentucky due to it having support structures, and it has been used as storage, recycling, business, and tourism.

The Mega Cavern offers a number of amenities and attractions. Known not only nationally but also internationally, the Mega Cavern has an underground mountain bike park covering 33,000 m² with 45 trails. Presently, it holds the record as being the largest indoor bike park. It also has the world’ only underground zip lines, having 5 zip lines and “challenge bridges” lined along the special adventure tour. The Mega Cavern is also home to about 12 businesses. Additionally, the cavern holds Christmas-themed light decorations that can be accessed either through the Jeep-drawn tours or by private cars. Tram tours are also available, showing vast areas of the cavern and giving facts about how the cavern came to be and what uses it was made for.

When do you Need to Give a Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement?

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Buying a Home | 0 comments

California is frequently the site for natural hazards such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfire. Over the last two decades, numerous instances of “acts of God” have devastated many homes and commercial properties, resulting in significant economic losses due to property damage. As a result, the state legislature saw fit to put a law in place that will warn potential homeowners about the natural hazards that may have an impact on a particular property. This Natural Hazards Disclosure Act went into effect in June 1998.

This Act mandates that people selling a home should accomplish a standardized National Hazard Disclosure (NHD) Statement, which focuses on six areas of concern: flooding, dam inundation, very high fire, wildfire, earthquakes, and seismic hazards. In order to fill up the NHD statement properly, the seller or the agent must obtain accurate and updated information about the status of the property pertaining for each hazard. Uncertainty over the designation in a particular hazard requires the seller to select “yes,” just to be on the safe side. Easily obtaining complete and accurate natural hazard information for a specific area is possible by commissioning a report from a reputable natural hazard disclosure company.

However, it should be noted that under California Civil Code § 1103, where the Act is spelled out, the NHD statement is not confined to people who are selling their property. The section actually states in the first portion that:

(a) Except as provided in Section 1103.1, this article applies to the transfer by sale, exchange, installment land sale contract, as defined in Section 2985, lease with an option to purchase, any other option to purchase, or ground lease coupled with improvements, of any real property described in subdivision (c), or residential stock cooperative, improved with or consisting of not less than one nor more than four dwelling units.

This means that even when leasing out the property, the lessor has to provide the potential lessee with the NHD statement. Another portion includes the sale and resale of manufactured and mobile homes.

If you are planning to sell, resell, or lease real property in whatever shape or form, it would be best to provide a potential client with a complete NHD Statement. At the very least, it will shield you from any civil liability if disaster strikes. This is not an unreasonable precaution, considering that you will be spending less than $100 for a complete NHD report.

Blow Hot or Cold: Choosing a Destination

Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Cruise Ships, Industry | 0 comments

The most popular cruise ship destination is the Caribbean. However, during the hurricane season which is half the year (June to December) it is not such a good idea unless you plan to reprise the role of Tom Hanks in Castaway. In that case, better bring your own volleyball.

But there are other destinations for cruise ships that work just as well. If you really want a warm place in the sun, you could consider cruises that go to the Galapagos or Hawaii, which is usually good the year-round, although the best time to go to the Galapagos is in April and May. The Mediterranean (French Riviera, Spain, Italy, Greece) is also a good bet, as well as the South Pacific (not the movie; French Polynesia). You could also try Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and other ports along the Mexican Riviera. And here’s a bit of trivia: the MS Pacific also known as the Pacific Princess as featured in the television show The Love Boat was an actual cruise ship that sailed to the Mediterranean. Sadly, it ceased operations in 2008 and was sold to a break up company in 2012.

Moving on.

If your idea of a great cruise ship vacation is to watch the seals and penguins play in freezing water, you could try booking a berth on a cruise ship headed for Antarctica, but it can be pricey and you are out of luck if you want to travel between April and October; there are no cruises operating there in those months. Alaska is also a cool place to go if you like to look at fjords and glaciers, and do a spot of dog-sledding. Another cold option is Norway, where the fjords are truly awe-inspiring, or perhaps the Baltic Sea where you get to see Scandinavia at its maritime best.

There are many more destinations that you can choose from. The important thing is to do your homework before you make any kind of commitment, and to do your preparations well ahead of  time to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Yaz: An Extremely Harmful Birth Control Pill?

Posted by on Nov 9, 2013 in Lawsuits, Personal Injury | 0 comments

Yaz and Yasmin are listed among the most commonly doctor-recommended oral contraceptives worldwide. Both are manufactured by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, a major pharmaceutical company that operates in more than 50 countries. Some of the company’s products are over-the-counter drugs, veterinary drugs and insect repellents.

The birth control pill Yaz, particularly, was introduced by Bayer in 2006. The pill is able to prevent pregnancy by thwarting eggs to evolve, leaving the spermatozoa without any egg to inseminate.

An advertising campaign that extensively promoted the pill plus a New York Times ad, which dubbed the product as a “quality of life treatment,” due to its further capability to prevent bloating, clear one’s face of acne and relieve women of the depression and anxiety brought about by premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), besides, of course, its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy, easily made Yaz women’s trusted and favorite birth control pill all across the U.S.

One difference Yaz has from other birth control pills is its content called drospirenone, an improved version of synthetic progesterone. Another is in the number of active or hormone-induced pills, which is 24, and inactive or palliative pills, which is only four (other oral contraceptives have seven inactive pills). The 24 active pills simply increase a woman’s dose of synthetic hormones within a month, while the palliative pills are meant to diminish troublesome symptoms during or just before periods.

Despite the numerous lawsuits regarding Yaz’s side effects, but most especially the death of 23 Canadian women, whose deaths are being blamed on the product, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada still refuse to stop the distribution of Yaz, claiming that the product’s benefits still outweigh the risks associated with it.

Despite Bayer’s claim that Yaz is safe and effective, it has known side effects, which include:

  • Fluctuations from upper breathing infections to high amounts of potassium
  • Headaches, which can be as painful as migraines
  • Contaminations in vaginal yeast and infrequency in vaginal discharge
  • Causation of unstable non-menstrual bleeding
  • Contraction of the stomach, hair loss and weight gain
  • Reduction in sexual drive
  • Anaphylactic reactions (Anaphylaxis is severe type I hypersensitivity in the different systems of the body)
  • Higher risk of liver tumors, liver function disturbances, fluctuations in glucose level (which can result to diabetes), hypertension and blood clots
  • Inflammations, enlargement of the lips and the tongue, swelling of the breasts, breast discharge, itching, breathing difficulty, numbness of the arms and legs, stimulation of bowel disease and unbalanced heart beat, breast soreness and vaginal irritation

Besides its many, different unfavorable side-effects, Yaz is also alleged to cause death. This is why women, especially those nursing or expecting, who plan to use the pill, ought to consult their doctors first about the pill’s safety and appropriate dosage. Your doctor also ought to know of other medications you are taking if you decide to use Yaz.

Jury Rules for Donald Trump in Hotel Lawsuit

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Lawsuits | 0 comments

A jury has ruled not to award a cent to an 87-year-old woman who filed a lawsuit claiming she was cheated in a deal she made with Donald Trump.

The lawsuit claimed that Trump lured the financial planner into purchasing two condominiums in 2006 for a total of $500,000 in one of his luxury Chicago hotels with purchase incentives that included a cut of ballroom and meeting room revenue. The suit sought upwards of $1 million in damages.

However, a clause buried deep in the contract they agreed to included a provision that would allow Trump, as the owner of the building, to make changes to the agreement as he saw fit. Trump took full advantage of this and decided to not offer the agreed incentives or any comparable replacements. The woman said she was aware of the clause prior to agreeing to the deal, but believed it was typically used in response to changes in building codes or similar situations. It is her attorney’s assertion that the only reason Trump would make the decision to remove the purchase incentives two years after the agreement was signed is that he was planning to do so the entire time.

The jury disagreed, citing the language used in the agreement, which gave Trump every right to behave the way he did. They also argued that the woman, who has years of experience managing huge sums of money, was savvy enough to understand the risks she was taking.

Leaky Pipes: When Your Business Can’t Afford to DIY

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Industry | 0 comments

ALD PlumbingWater damage is a very real problem for businesses and homeowners, and when it is due to plumbing leaks it makes it doubly difficult. First of all, plumbing is (should be) hidden under floorboards, tiles, walls and often embedded in concrete, or under slab, which makes it hard to check. Secondly, once you determine that it is a leak, you have to get at it, and that can entail wreaking havoc on your home if you don’t know what you’re doing. Third and worst of all, if you don’t find all of them, you could be looking at damage at the foundation level. The smartest thing you can do if you suspect plumbing leaks is to get a professional plumber on the job.

In Texas, plumbing leaks are a significant pet peeve of homeowner insurance companies because it is often blamed for loss of foundation integrity. Insurers turned to experienced plumbers to determine if there is actually a leak in claimant’s houses because they have the expertise and equipment to do it. Once it is determined that a leak is present, insurers often help homeowners in paying for repairing the leaks to eliminate the higher costs of foundation repair.

As a homeowner, it is prudent to nip the problem in the bud by calling in a professional plumber as soon as a leak is suspected. There are certain signs you can look for, especially in the bathrooms, where most leaks occur. These include:

  • Persistent mildew and mold on non-shower walls and corners
  • Blistering or peeling wall paint or paper
  • Warped or stained walls, ceilings or floors
  • Musty or earthy odor

If any of these signs appear, don’t waste time in wondering if you have a leaky pipe. Call in a reputable plumber in your area to test your plumbing for leaks. If you do have them, have them repaired at once. You will save more money in the long run.

The Growing Field of Marriage and Family Therapy

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Industry | 0 comments

Prevention is the best medicine. This is true for both physical and relationship problems. Most people go into a marriage believing that love conquers all, but oftentimes romantic and familial love is simply not enough. Conflicts and issues may arise where the failure to properly communicate can lead to the erosion of relationships despite the persistence of true and abiding love.

Take for example Ed and Mary, who have three sons. The eldest son, Jason, is a happy-go-lucky, irresponsible 18-year-old who wants to have fun at all costs. Jason often clashes with Ed, who finds his son’s ebullience excessive and disruptive. Mary, who is also fun-loving, tolerates Jason’s behavior, which sometimes results in arguments with Ed. The younger children, Dale and Mark, tend to emulate Ed but are also influenced by Jason. The whole family is solid and loving, but the interrelationships can become problematic, especially for the younger children.

In the instance above, there is no real problem – yet. A qualified marriage and family therapist would be able to identify patterns of behavior, causes of conflict and communication strategies that can prevent a better understanding and stronger bond between family members. An experienced therapist may need between 5 to 20 sessions with family members in turn and as a group to come up with a program that would help the family. The primary goals of marriage and family therapy are to improve relationships and promote healthy communication.

The role of therapist is not an easy one. The skill set required to make a good therapist includes the ability to listen contextually, discern subtleties in speech and behavior, direct conversations, recognize and categorize patterns, and analyze what type of therapy would best suit the situation.

Aside from personal attributes, a therapist must also have the academic background to undertake the responsibility of conducting sessions. The various theories behind the counseling techniques would be something they are conversant with and know how to use.

Having a string of letters after one’s name is not enough; they should be the right letters. In Texas, the licensing for marriage and family therapists is comprehensive, so you will want someone who is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and possibly also as a Professional Counselor (LPC).

A Look at Premises Liability Law

Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

When a person is in charge of a property, it comes with a great deal of responsibility he or she may not be aware of. One of the most important of these responsibilities is the obligation to keep the premises safe for any guests that they may be host to. This is especially true for hotels, as they frequently have people who are unfamiliar with the building walking into and out of them.

Property managers who fail to uphold their obligation can be held accountable for any injuries that result from dangerous conditions in their buildings. Most often such conditions arise from the building going through some period of neglect.

Common dangerous conditions include hazards such as lead paint, leaky pipes, mold, and faulty elevators. These are the kinds of dangers that are sometimes present in a building, and must be fixed within a reasonable amount of time to reduce the risk that they hurt innocent people.

If such conditions are allowed to persist for an unreasonably long time and a guest on the property is unduly hurt, the property manager may be held responsible for his or her medical costs and other injury-related expenditures. Making repairs as soon as a problem becomes apparent is the key to reducing liability under such circumstances. It’s imperative that hotels adhere to a high standard of safety on their premises to ensure that their guests feel welcome and impressed with the clean, safe facilities.

Vegas Police Department Settles Lawsuit with Street Performers

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Lawsuits | 0 comments

A pair of Las Vegas street performers have received a $105,000 settlement from the Las Vegas police as a result of a lawsuit they filed. The department issued the settlement believing that the cost of litigation would exceed the cost of settling outside of court and was a vital measure to take in order to avoid tarnishing the department’s reputation.

street performer settlementThe two performers were doing their act in a public area outside of the Venetian Hotel in January of 2010 when they were illegally detained. Police officers handcuffed them, demanded identification, and searched their belongings without a warrant.

A public defender from the Nevada ACLU represented the performers in their case. He stated that the settlement is not so much about the money involved, but serves as a reminder that public spaces are open to expressions that are protected by the first amendment.

The police department hopes that this case will improve the way they interact with and approach street performers throughout the city.


Advances in Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Industry | 0 comments

Many of us use the terms glibly, but the plastic in “plastic surgery” has no connection to the moldable, man-made organic solids that is widely used today. However, the term “plastic” was first used in 1632 to refer to neither; it was an adjective based on the Greek word plastikos which it turn came from the word plassein which means “to mold.” Between the two, the term “plastic surgery” was coined first in 1818 by Karl Ferdinand von Graefe in his book Rhinoplastik. The term “plastic” in reference to the pioneers of your Tupperware was first used in 1905.

It should also be noted that plastic surgery is a specialty in medicine the encompass not only cosmetic surgery, which is by far the most well-known form of it, but also reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, burn treatment and hand surgery. However, they all have one thing in common: the purpose is to correct.

Modern techniques in plastic surgery developed in leaps and bounds when anesthesia and antibiotics became established, making the procedures less painful and safer. During World War I and II, plastic surgery alleviated the plight of many soldiers who suffered horrific facial injuries and severe burns. The most common procedure is skin grafting, in which healthy tissue from one part of the patient’s body is transferred to another part for various reasons. While these procedures were necessary for normal functioning, in most cases today the procedures carried out are considered “elective” and aim to enhance the appearance of the person.

Not all of us were born with the perfect cheekbones, or just the right chest size. And while it may seem an expensive luxury, it is undeniable that the chances of success in life and career are significantly improved when one is physically attractive. For people in specific careers such as modeling, some cosmetic surgery is necessary to maintain their employability.

One must be careful about choosing where to have plastic surgery done, however. The Internet is awash with horror stories of botched nose jobs and leaky breast implants. Consult with a plastic surgeon who has a good reputation in your area to make sure you get the beautiful results that you want.