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Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Travel | 0 comments

Louisville Mega Cavern

The city of Louisville is home to a great number of natural and man-made attractions that make visiting the city a worthwhile trip. For nature lovers, Louisville is home to the Louisville Zoo, which has as much as 1,300 species of animals spread out in their natural habitat. The city is also aiming for the title “City of Parks”, hundreds of parks, forests, and nature preserves manages either by the Louisville Metro Parks or by independent management. These, and many other attractions, help the city visitors enjoy the metropolis while still giving them the feeling of being close to nature. For the nature lovers who wish to get more of their nature experience, going to the Louisville Mega Cavern would give them their adrenaline fix.

The Mega Cavern is what remained of a former limestone mine that was eventually ceased on 1970s after it was exhausted of its mineable limestone. With the size of roughly 370,000 m², it stretches to a number of Louisville structures such as the Louisville Zoo and Watterson Expressway. It is considered as the largest building in the state of Kentucky due to it having support structures, and it has been used as storage, recycling, business, and tourism.

The Mega Cavern offers a number of amenities and attractions. Known not only nationally but also internationally, the Mega Cavern has an underground mountain bike park covering 33,000 m² with 45 trails. Presently, it holds the record as being the largest indoor bike park. It also has the world’ only underground zip lines, having 5 zip lines and “challenge bridges” lined along the special adventure tour. The Mega Cavern is also home to about 12 businesses. Additionally, the cavern holds Christmas-themed light decorations that can be accessed either through the Jeep-drawn tours or by private cars. Tram tours are also available, showing vast areas of the cavern and giving facts about how the cavern came to be and what uses it was made for.

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