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Posted by on May 7, 2013 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

A Look at Premises Liability Law

When a person is in charge of a property, it comes with a great deal of responsibility he or she may not be aware of. One of the most important of these responsibilities is the obligation to keep the premises safe for any guests that they may be host to. This is especially true for hotels, as they frequently have people who are unfamiliar with the building walking into and out of them.

Property managers who fail to uphold their obligation can be held accountable for any injuries that result from dangerous conditions in their buildings. Most often such conditions arise from the building going through some period of neglect.

Common dangerous conditions include hazards such as lead paint, leaky pipes, mold, and faulty elevators. These are the kinds of dangers that are sometimes present in a building, and must be fixed within a reasonable amount of time to reduce the risk that they hurt innocent people.

If such conditions are allowed to persist for an unreasonably long time and a guest on the property is unduly hurt, the property manager may be held responsible for his or her medical costs and other injury-related expenditures. Making repairs as soon as a problem becomes apparent is the key to reducing liability under such circumstances. It’s imperative that hotels adhere to a high standard of safety on their premises to ensure that their guests feel welcome and impressed with the clean, safe facilities.

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