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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Industry | 0 comments

Advances in Cosmetic Surgery

Many of us use the terms glibly, but the plastic in “plastic surgery” has no connection to the moldable, man-made organic solids that is widely used today. However, the term “plastic” was first used in 1632 to refer to neither; it was an adjective based on the Greek word plastikos which it turn came from the word plassein which means “to mold.” Between the two, the term “plastic surgery” was coined first in 1818 by Karl Ferdinand von Graefe in his book Rhinoplastik. The term “plastic” in reference to the pioneers of your Tupperware was first used in 1905.

It should also be noted that plastic surgery is a specialty in medicine the encompass not only cosmetic surgery, which is by far the most well-known form of it, but also reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, burn treatment and hand surgery. However, they all have one thing in common: the purpose is to correct.

Modern techniques in plastic surgery developed in leaps and bounds when anesthesia and antibiotics became established, making the procedures less painful and safer. During World War I and II, plastic surgery alleviated the plight of many soldiers who suffered horrific facial injuries and severe burns. The most common procedure is skin grafting, in which healthy tissue from one part of the patient’s body is transferred to another part for various reasons. While these procedures were necessary for normal functioning, in most cases today the procedures carried out are considered “elective” and aim to enhance the appearance of the person.

Not all of us were born with the perfect cheekbones, or just the right chest size. And while it may seem an expensive luxury, it is undeniable that the chances of success in life and career are significantly improved when one is physically attractive. For people in specific careers such as modeling, some cosmetic surgery is necessary to maintain their employability.

One must be careful about choosing where to have plastic surgery done, however. The Internet is awash with horror stories of botched nose jobs and leaky breast implants. Consult with a plastic surgeon who has a good reputation in your area to make sure you get the beautiful results that you want.

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